Friday, August 26, 2011

What an AdVeNTuRe!!!

The week is almost over for has been intense, overwhelming, exciting, nerve wrecking, and amusing to say the least!!! I started training on Monday 22nd and jumped right time to get your feet wet!  We start training at 8:30am everyday and have been getting out around 3:30 and back to the hotel around 4:30-5 everyday.  I have two sessions, which include training in a lower level of students in the am and a training for the much higher ESL students in the pm.  So my am and pm sessions are two extremes!

The first day of training the company was nice enough to have a bus take us over to the training center and to the medical center for our health exams. Orientation was in the am till about noon and around one we had to take our health exams.  At the health center I experienced my first encounter with Koreans that dont speak much English...and it was extremely hard to understand them when it came time to pee in a cup!  Lets just say I screwed it up and had to chug water in 15min in order to pee again.  After our exams we all were relieved to be released and go eat since we couldn't eat all day. But nobody was prepared for them to throw us in the deep end and take the subway back to our hotel.  Lets just say their subway map looks like ten of New York's subways all in one...really confusing but once navigated with the other trainees we figured it out! That was a test in its own!!

The last three days have been a blur and to say the least, Im ready to stop living out of my suitcases and get into my apartment.  I passed all my written test, YEA!!! Took only three tries on the grammar but that is under my belt now.  I have 'finals' tomorrow so one more written test in both sessions and our final Mock Teachings.  I have been getting lots of good feedback and just putting my best foot forward! After our finals tomorrow everyone will be distributed to their perspective schools/branches around 2:45p.  A van is supposed to be delivering me to my school or apartment, Im not sure which one but heard my school is only 5 min walk from the apartment, so either way good news!  I will be sane once I get acclimated to my own environment and settled in!... SO please forgive me if I have not responded to your emails or calls...dont take it personal its just been really busy since I stepped off the plane!  Next blog will be an update of my New, new was just getting used to using the subway system and the area here in Seoul.  But I am really EXCITED to move into my apartment and see my school!

I hope everyone is well in the states! I miss EVERYONE!! Please KIT with me and I promise I will eventually get back to you at my earliest. I also have a local SKYPE number for everyone in the states so you dont have to run up your bill on long distant charges.  If you want the number leave me a comment and I will drop it in a email! More pictures to come...stay tuned!! Bye for now!!

*oh check out my video: Some random street entertainment on the way to dinner...

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  1. now why are you in training?? I will be arriving next fall im pretty much just starting the process...