Sunday, August 21, 2011

ARRIVED in ROK (Republic of Korea)

This is me landing on Korean soil!!....Yes all I made it safe and its been a whirlwind since I landed.  I arrived an hr early about 3pm on Sat 20th.  I was about a 16 hr flight with a layover in Chicago.  The flight was decent, I flew with Asiana Airlines and the stewardess were all very nice.  Once I landed all 4...yes 4 of my large bags arrived.  I got many looks as well as many comments from the Koreans at the airport.  Everyone thought I was in the!  NO...I just over pack and have always been like that.  But to say the least I have everything I need and am totally prepared.   A skycap at the airport was very nice and helped me load all my luggage on a cart and I headed out of customs.  From there I ran into about 5 other colleagues of mine on the bus to the Korean City Air Terminal.  The bus ride was about an hr from the Icheon Airport, and it had a flat screen tv playing KPOP (korean pop music).  I didnt really pay too much attention to the tv as I was in awe that I was in Korea so I was snapping pictures the entire way.  It is really green and there is lots of water, thank god it wasnt raining!  Once I arrived at the Air Terminal we had to call our director here in Korea and I had a hard time with the pay phone but figured it out after a few attempts and asking a Korean man next to me.  (he didnt understand a word I said but was more than willing to help me out!) Me and the other 5 colleagues piled into two taxi vans to head to the hotel.  We almost got into a few accidents, I felt like I was about to die at one point and our driver actually ran over a ladies foot.  (haha not funny but it was!) To say the least they drive really crazy and aggressive out here...there are no true rules on who has the right away and everyone seems to drive wherever their car fits.  The area that our hotel is in is a really busy part of town, it reminds me of NY, LA, and Vegas all in one.  They pile their trash on the street so you get a variety of smells as you walk, kimchi mixed with fish, mixed with garbage! lol  There arent many crosswalks so you have to watch out for the cars as they will run you over!  There are neon lights galore so everything is really lit up and bright at nighttime.  And the city is large and the buildings are tall and everything is really close together.  They seem to party and stay out all night...and that is a common thing here!  About four of us wandered after we got settled to find something to eat.  They were nice enough to give us a english menu after we starred at the korean menu for about 5 min.  We got lots of stares but I guess I am a MINORITY all over again.  They are very fashionable and the fashion is very eclectic and somewhat dated.  After eating and wandering around we all were very tired from a long flight and food in our bellies.  I laid down late and it was hard to force myself up this morning but have not felt the jet lag yet! I hope everyone is well in the States...I miss you ALL already!  I am about to meet up with some of the other recruits and hit a cafe to study for this intense week of training.  I have four test to pass on english grammar, reading, and culture.  I will keep you all abreast of my first week! Stay tuned....Ta Ta For Now!!

Me in KOREA!


  1. I'm so excited for you. Welcome to Korea! Its an amazing place. I'm looking forward to sharing good times with you out there! I'm a week away from being there!!!!

  2. Take more photos! Set up a account and post all of them there if you don't want to put too many on the blog itself.