Monday, January 9, 2012

Seoul Searching.......My story of finding 이가영 Soul pt. 2

Story Continues....

So my Social worker from ESWS has been in contact with my birth mother and had tried to convince her to meet me while I was here in Korea...She was angry at first and didnt want to meet. I believe the feelings and emotions she was going thru were that she was not prepared to face reality. At first this hurt me, but I had to come to and understanding with myself of how it would be if I were in her shoes. And Im sure this was all very sudden and not expected for my birth mother. So I continued to pray for the best that one day she would come around.

On October 31,2011 I received an email from my social worker at Eastern that my birth mother had contacted her back and had come to the conclusion that she would like to meet me while I was here in Korea!! It has been three months since last contact between my birth mother and my social worker and am still anxiously waiting for her to decide on a date when she would like to meet. Patience is on my side. So to say the least the first three months of me being in Korea has been an emotional roller coaster. Now the waiting period....sooooo

During the past months of waiting I have been staying very busy with work and living the life here in Korea. I have successfully filed and obtained my F4 visa which is for Overseas Adopted Koreans which makes me now a Kyopo (교포)= Korean person who was born and had Korean citizenship but raised abroad. This will give me more rights to work here in Korea as a Foreign Korean Resident.

Other than that Im continuously trying to better myself here in Korea...I am a work in progress!