Thursday, September 1, 2011

Training Week in Seoul pt. 2

Everything is delayed but here are some more pictures of my first week during training.  Most of the pics are of the beautiful architecture here in Korea...Lots of big buildings....everywhere you turn!  Also pics of me in the subway learning how to navigate and not get ran over by the mob of korean's heading to work.  Personal space is NOT a factor here and of course the stares are endless and non discreet. A older gentleman was about 5in from my face looking mean and hard...I felt like I did something wrong, so I then turned around and said "annyeong haseyo" 안녕하세요! (hello), smiled and waved at him and he stopped starring.  My motto is you stare, I speak! Yes the little korean I do know I will speak! LOL....enjoy more to come!


  1. So awesome...still in awe and very proud of you! Have a great experience and stay prayerful. All the best.

  2. hey names maria, im headen over there to teach myself... do you know what grades you'll be teaching? lol at the man staring lol ... im taking some korean before i head over... seems it will be very handy