Thursday, July 28, 2011

Im Still Here!!!

I know everyone is wondering, where I've been and whats new with life.  Im still in DC, and have been diligently cleaning and moving things out of my apt and into storage.  My original departure date was delayed due to waiting on some important paperwork to come back.  Sigh....I can say today that I am relieved that my visa will be in my hands soon, so time to look into flights! I am anxious and excited as the days count down but to say the least, I am also a bit nervous and sad.  For now I am soaking up the 'American' life, eating lots of Mexican food and American food, checking out the movies, seeing friends/family and enjoying being around my boyfriend, oh...and site seeing like I haven't lived in DC for the past 6yrs! When the time comes for me to depart I know I will miss a lot of things in and about the US....but Im definitely looking forward to the new adventure ahead of me!  Until my DC folks or those in the area...I will be having a farewell dinner/drinks soon!!!