Monday, June 6, 2011

Official Contract & Start Date

In April when this initial process began I never expected it to go this fast!  On the 2nd of June I got my official job contract and location.  To say the least when I got the email and phone call my heart raced in nervousness and anticipation.  I have less then 7 weeks to pack up my apartment, put stuff in storage, get last minute things done, see family, friends, and loved ones and relocate my 'Life in Korea'.  My recruiter has been really responsive on info and things I need to know before I leave.  But its still hard to imagine that I will be living and working in Korea for the next year.  The campus I will be at is in a suburb of Seoul, Suwon Jangan about 20 miles south of Seoul.  As I continue to gain more info after finalizing my contract with my John Hancock, I will keep you all abreast! Until then.....taking one day at a time!

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