Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This Thanksgiving was not the same....being so far from family, friends and loved ones was the hardest part! Of course I did miss stuffing my face in traditional American Thanksgiving food...sigh! I have been able to accept the sacrifice that I made to come all the way to Korea but I know this time of year will be the hardest for me!! Skyping my family on Thanksgiving evening and then having to go to work after made me MISS everything all over again!!! On Thanksgiving day here I did have to work as they dont observe American Holidays...and working at a Hagwon we dont even get most Korean Holidays off. But my branch is always closed on Wednesday's sooooo me and my fellow coworkers decided to celebrate a day early and have a potluck. The hardest part of trying to come up with the menu was that in Korea we dont have ovens. We all know the best food for Thanksgiving comes out of the oven....so we improvised and made due with our lil toaster ovens. Needless to say we spent all day cooking!! But we had quite the spread....it consisted of: Mac n Cheese, Salad, Broccoli/Cauliflower, stuffed mushroom caps, Pumpkin soup, Candied Korean Sweet Potatoes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Pot Pie, Korean Beef Galbi, Rice, small Roasted Chicken, Apple Crisp, and Pumpkin Pie!! ohhhhh and of course lots of alcoholic beverages to drink!! We ate all evening and stuffed our fat lil bellies with all the food we could! The night ended with playing Apples to Apples, Uno and watching youtube videos...LoL!! It definitely wasn't family or traditional but I have been very thankful for the FAMILY/FRIENDS that I have made out here!! I am also thankful for, the opportunity to be in Korea working, the constant support from everyone back home, all the people that I have met so far and accepted me for who I am, and that Im here today to share with you my adventures!!
감사합니다 그리고 당신을 사랑!! (Thanks and I love you all!!)

The Spread!!

Playing Apples to Apples!!

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